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Here’s my opening review!

Another season already, wow seems like time moves so quickly these days. It was only Tuesday when I finished up reviewing Hibike! Euphonium, so my between season break didn’t last too long. So before I get to talking about this ep I should go over how I’ll be doing these reviews for the coming weeks. As things stand now, Classroom☆Crisis is a Friday anime that streams on Crunchyroll at 12:30PM Pacific Standard Time. The only other sub group aside from them is DameDesuYo (DDY) and I’m assuming they’ll have it out possibly Saturday or Sunday. Now as I’m only reviewing one anime this season I have the luxury of waiting for other sub groups to get the show subbed and released a day or so later, but at the same time I can be quite impatient and do like watching, reviewing, and posting my work close to the date in which the simulcast site has it out as that’s when most of the buzz is still going. I do feel like waiting a few days can be good though because it allows time for the events of the ep to sink in and you can really process it; but at the same time with the very short attention span of people these days, having a review out a few days later might come too late as the buzz for that ep might have died off. Especially is there is another hugely popular anime that the majority is watching.

In light of this I’m going to review the first 3 eps using the HS rip because that should allow DDY to get a good schedule going for the season and then I might switch over to them for the remainder of the anime. That’s the plan as of now and like I said, as I’m only reviewing 1 anime I do have the luxury to wait for other groups. So I’ll see how this plan goes and after 3 weeks I’ll reevaluate to see if switching is the right move. However if another group suddenly springs up, a decent one, and they can get eps subbed and released quicker then I might go with them. The first few weeks of a new season are always confusing it seems, trying to find the best group to go with, but I’m pretty happy with my plan and unless something big happens I’ll be sticking to it. Alright then now with that out of the way let’s talk about this ep.

So out of the gate Classroom☆Crisis didn’t actually wow me that much. Yeah this isn’t too surprising as I did enter with forcibly normal expectations, but still I wasn’t left with the best impressions on it. Where do I begin?

We’re dropped into this pretty quick off the start, a hostage situation involving a company executive and a disgruntled group of asteroid miners. I’ve got no issue with starting off quick, so I’m not saying I hated this at all. Sometimes you need to start off fast then cool it down a bit, so I didn’t find this bad in anyway. What it did was set the stage for what would be happening this ep, granted it would be in the back half, but still it set the stage for some action at some point.

So as for the plot of this ep, it was pretty okay. Nothing amazing but nothing terrible. The gist of it is that a transfer student gets kidnapped by said disgruntled group of asteroid miners, and it’s decided by the class that they need to go rescue him by using an experimental ship they’ve built. Iris Shirasaki, the ace pilot of the class takes said ship, named the X-2, and flies out to the location to rescue this student, but upon arrival he’s already free. How? Well it turns out this guy is actually the chief of the Advanced Technological Development Department (A-TEC) and was able to strike up a deal with these miners to let him go. Upon returning to Mars, this guy, Nagisa Kiryu informs the A-TEC class that they’ve been exceeding their budget for the past few years and he’s been tasked with shutting them down. Well then, so much for a “thanks for coming for me”, Kiryu is all business and no play. So the stage is set now, with A-TEC informed of their impending disbanding, what will they do to stop it?

The opening bit is pretty standard for most premier eps of a new anime. We get character intros of the two lead girls, Mizuki Sera (voiced by Ari Ozawa) and Iris Shirasaki (voiced by Sora Amamiya). Now if you’re like me and enjoy looking up the cast for anime, then these names will be very familiar to you but if not then I’ll refresh your memory. Ozawa voiced Saukra Chiyo is last summer’s Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun while Amamiya you’ll remember as Isla from Plastic Memories. Either way these are two great voices and they fit their character well. Just from this premier ep I’d have to say I’m liking Mizuki more, she came across as more of my type of girl. As for Iris, well she’s seemingly like most characters Amamiya seems to voice these days, very quite, calm and collected, so while I was kinda hoping to see something new, I wasn’t too surprised at this either.

We also meet some other students at the school they attend, Kiriskina Technology Academy, along with their teacher too, Kaito Sera who is Mizuki’s older brother. As the school’s name implies this isn’t a normal school, rather it’s pretty high tech and the class that Mizuki and Iris are in, A-TEC (Advanced Technological Development Department Educational Development Class) is anything but normal. Composed of only 10 students, they’re the smartest, brightest, highest ranked students that were hand picked to be in that class. They’re going to be the future of this company yet they’re not the most functional group. I was expecting the class to be less of a group of goof offs and more of a serious group of people. Sure they’re still teens and they’ll do silly things, but you’d think that if they’re supposed to be the best people allowed in this class, they’d at least act a little more mature.

As for the setting, things aren’t exactly explained until a bit later, but it turns out everything is taking place on a terraformed section of Mars. Yes we are certainly not in Kansas anymore. What seemed strange though is that we’re not told all about how humanity is blasting off to the stars and terraforming every planet along the way till the end of the ep, so for the majority of the time I kept thinking this was all taking place on a futuristic Earth. So yes, this anime takes place on Mars in a massive terraformed section that looks very Earth like, complete with large cities, mountains, and even bodies of water. Honestly I like the setting as huge futuristic things like this fascinate me so much, so I’d love it if this anime explores this world a bit more. Whether it will or not is another thing entirely.

As far as opening eps go, Classroom☆Crisis wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t anything that amazed me either. Sure it’s got nice art and I love the setting, but aside from that it’s not the most engaging anime in my opinion. Sure it’s only a first ep and it’s got a long way to go, but still it wasn’t sparking a lot of interest in me really. Compared to Gate, which failed to entertain me at all, Classroom☆Crisis had a slightly higher enjoyment rating but only just by a point and a half.

So what exactly is this all of this leading up to? Well I’ll keep watching but I really want things to pick up a lot more and have some interesting stuff happen. The whole saving the club/school/whatever thing isn’t a new storyline, so I’m a bit let down by this honestly. I’m still hoping that things will get better in the coming eps, but as of now this one is just scraping by. If I end up dropping it then I’ll be in an interesting position for the rest of the season, but things would have to tank horribly for that to happen. My recent track record with original series isn’t the best, so I really want Classroom☆Crisis to break that mold. Whether it will or not remains to be seen though.

That’s what I thought about this opening ep for Classroom☆Crisis, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Hit up the comment section below or tweet me (@SkyCorps) with your thoughts!

Normally I’d say see you in the next anime I’m reviewing, but I’m only tackling this one for the summer. That said, I’ll cya next week!

[HorribleSubs] Classroom Crisis - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_24.28_[2015.07.03_22.50.30]-Nick

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Starting out with some official art. Source Link
Starting out with some official art.
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