After a rather slow start, could Classroom Crisis pick up the pace this week?

Here’s my review!

The spoiler alert is in the title actually as this ep was heavy on the background info. After watching the latest ep I have an idea of how things might go, but I’ll have to see if it pans out like that or not. Right then let’s dive into this ep and talk about what happened.

So for starters this ep really shows us what exactly Kirishina Corporation is and what they do. By now it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out that they’re a central corporation in the galaxy who is at the core of building space ships and other vehicles such as the Laser-guided Vehicles (LGV’s) that travel around the surface of the planet. But it’s not just all ships and cars, Kirishina Corp deals in insurance and finance as well as many other things. It’s a true mega corporation. All this isn’t exactly new as it’s easy enough to figure out from the first ep. A-TEC is of course a special class of students that is continuing on in the path that the two founders of this corporation, building the next generation of space travel vehicles and engines. Like mentioned it’s not something impossible to figure out but having it’s officially given to us is nice too.

Right then moving on. If you recall to last week we met Nagisa Kiryuu, the chief of A-TEC and also the new transfer student in the class. However he comes bearing bad news: that he’s closing down this once great class due to their careless overspending (by, like, 50 billion). I get that things are expensive and all, but it almost feels like they’re throwing around these big numbers just to shock us. For some reason that I can’t fully put into words, this all feels out of place slightly. I don’t know, maybe I’m just over thinking things here. Let’s continue.

A vast majority of this ep is spent of showing us this TV documentary about Kirishina Corp and interviews with the A-TEC members. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it did feel like we were just being given lots of information, much of which we could already perceive from the surroundings and what we already know. In that regard I wasn’t too pleased with this ep as I would’ve liked more details about the whole dome they live in and the characters, rather than just the corporation as a whole. Given that I do enjoy the sci-fi vibes this anime has and how I enjoy the setting too, I really do want them to take some time to talk about that and show us around a bit. It’s a similar feeling I had when watching last year’s spring season anime Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin. I loved the setting of that and while they did take some time to explore the world, I wasn’t fully satisfied with it and kept hoping there was something more. That along with many other reasons is why I gave that anime a 5/10.

One thing that I did like about this ep was Mizuki and how she’s trying to get to know Nagisa a bit more and maybe break the tough outer shell he’s got. I feel like I’m going to like Mizuki a lot as she’s so far come across as a nice girl who puts others first and looks out for her classmates. Her personality is bright and she’s got a charismatic charm to her. Either way I like how she took time to talk with Nagisa and tried to show him around the area a bit, too bad he’s such a hardass all the time.

The middle part gave us another angle this anime is working on, that being of the corrupted executives of the corporation, namely Nagisa’s older brother Yuuji. While this conversation between brothers is important as it shows us how ruthless the corporation is to even their own, it did feel like they were over doing it and that Yuuji would’ve been more laid back and not so openly aggressive and acting like the obvious bad guy. Nagisa mentions it himself after all it said and done.

“Hey, it was written all over your face, Brother.”

Yeah it is but should it really be? Can’t we have a little more subtlety on this guy’s part? I get he’s not exactly a good guy, but maybe acting so obviously bad isn’t the best idea. Clearly there is another reason they’re shutting down A-TEC aside from the fact they’re using more money, but they shouldn’t make that so obvious so us at this point. Again maybe I’m reading too deep into this but it felt like they’re trying a bit too hard to make these guys obviously bad, yet at the same time they give so much praise to Nagisa for all the work he’s done. Talk about a love/hate relationship.

The back half is a mixture of more documentary and more info dumping that by now is getting very annoying. Probably the main issue with all this info dumping is that none of it focuses on the characters, rather the company and the roles they play in it. We don’t really learn anything about the two main girls, Mizuki and Iris, and at this point shouldn’t they be taking a more prominent role rather than the company? I get that this documentary is a good look at A-TEC, what they do and why it’s so important to Kaito, but honestly the whole ep is pretty much telling us the same thing over and over again phrased differently, so by the ending we’ve learned very little new things as it’s just one big recap session. Not good for a second ep.

We end with Kaito being inspired by his own words from the TV documentary as once he realizes his own conviction for A-TEC and how much he love what they do, then he confronts Nagisa about the closure of the class and that he’s going to fight it till the end. But you know… so far there isn’t enough of a reason why I should care whether or not A-TEC is closed because there isn’t much of an emotional connection to them as there should be. I think the reason lies in the fact they gave us that issue at the very beginning rather than later on. Had they sprung this on us at ep 10 (like when most big things usually happen) then I’d feel differently; but knowing for the rest of the series what is going to happen, doesn’t really give much emotional connection. Much like with Plastic Memories, (SPOILER ALERT!!) where we knew Isla was going to die the whole time, it was lacking the emotional connection because the show couldn’t figure out what to do with everyone so by the time Isla dies we’re left feeling kinda sad but at the same time too detached to really care about it that much.

So bringing this back to where we started, ep 2 was just a bunch of info we may or may not have needed. I personally liked a few details but aside from that it felt like everything else was just a filler. With some anime I don’t mind being spoon fed as they give us lots to work with yet it’s all executed well, but so far with Classroom Crisis, it’s just a lot of info that we don’t really need to have.

So in the grand scheme of things this wasn’t the worst ep ever, but it’s lacking everything to get me invested in it and caring about the story or characters. It’s too plain right now and the whole situation is plain and overused so far. I really want Classroom Crisis to be different than other original series, but so far it’s not giving me any hope that it’ll be that. Hopefully next week we can start being introduced to the characters and be given some reason to care about them, because as it stands now I honestly couldn’t care less if A-TEC was shut down.

Lastly I should quickly mention the OP/ED as this week’s ep had them. I actually really liked the colorful OP and it really was nice to see. The song is pretty decent too. As for the ED, ClariS delivers once again as it’s another good song. Maybe not as catchy as some of their others, but it’s nice to hear them singing the ED for this anime. It’s like the reward after watching the not so great ep. A point I like about the ED though is that it shows us Iris and Mizuki, who aren’t really touched on that much so far. I hope we do get to learn more about them because so far Mizuki is a driving factor behind why I’m sticking around so far, so I really hope she (along with Iris) can make this anime worth while.

So 2 weeks into Classroom Crisis and I’m not that excited at all. I really want next week to be better because this is starting to learn towards getting dropped if it can’t pull itself together and start going places. But what about you, what did you think about this week’s ep? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SkyCorps with your thoughts.

That’ll mop things up for this week, thanks for reading and I’ll cya back here next week!

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