It’s always an honor when a fellow blogger hands us an award, we can’t thank them enough.  While this started off as a small blog, it’s grown into something much bigger and the posts that are here have gotten better as well. Because of this we’re getting lots of awards for our reviews and it’s great to see all the nice things people have said about Anime Corps. Everyone here loves getting feedback on their work and these awards make us all happy that our readers, and everyone who stumbles across this blog, enjoys what they read here. Thank you very much!

Getting awards for our writing is great, but sometimes we’re getting so many of the same awards that we get pretty tired out. With that in mind we’ve put into place a rule to limit the amount of nominations we receive. From now on Anime Corps will only accept two nominations of the same award, anymore will be respectively declined. This isn’t to say we aren’t happy to receive these awards, but having the same award over and over again isn’t that exciting. We mean no disrespect to the ones nominating us and I hope you understand our reasons for putting this rule in place.

Below is a list of the awards Anime Corps has received.

-Anime Corps Staff

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The Inspector Green Tag

Liebster Award

Sunshine Award

Real Neat Blog Award!

Creative Blogger Award