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Thief Fantasy and other Mystical Happenings (Author of an epic fantasy novel; posts about fantasy creatures)

Anime Reviews and Lots of Other Stuff! (Anime blog run by my good friend Deven Luca; please check it out!)

TriptychAlessandro’s Review (Reviews for Anime, Film, Music, Books and more! New Podcast: Dartboard Cinema.)

AniMeat (anime blog featuring: reviews, season previews, anime news and editorials)

Anime and other things, with Marshy (Anime blog run by my AniTwitter/ blogging comrade in arms)

OniiChan Reviews (Anime and manga reviews written by Onii-chan~!)

Anime Forums (Anime discussion forums also containing screenshot galleries, character profiles, episode guides and a place to share interesting fanworks!)

Anime Cataclysm (Anime review site)

Joeschmo’s Gears and Grounds (Writing on Life, Cycling, Anime, and Technology in Pop Culture)

The Review’s Corner (Anime, manga and comics reviews)

All Otaku Online (Anime, games, manga, cosplay, and everything otaku)

mirrorpurple (Reviews about Anime, AniMusic, Figurines, My Life, Gaming, Yuri-biased)

Life of a Singaporean Student (Anime news and reviews)

Anime Openings/Endings (Watch OPs/EDs to anime in HD)

Moe Ice Cream (Reviews, weekly journal, and thoughts on anime/Japan related things)

Pokévolution (Our community offers a media gallery for Pokémon fan-art, a trading gallery for your Pokémon you wish to trade, a forums, medals, events, a chat, creative blog posts, news on Pokémon, digital Pokémon adoptables and more.)

Anime Obsessed? (Anime, manga, Asian cinema reviews, and editorials too)

wraithseeker (Anime review site)

UEM! (Anime editorial & review blog)

Lita Kino Anime Reviews (Anime/manga reviews, editorials/discussions, and journal posts)

AnimeTypes (Info about different types in Anime with examples, Buy Anime/ Figures and Manga)

In the Cubbyhole (Anime review blog)

IT’S YOUR FAULT THAT I’M NOT POPULAR! (Anime and manga analyses and recommendations)

Kyri-chan’s Place (Anime and manga reviews, editorials.)

Only Animanga (Anime and manga reviews, anime news and movie talk.)

Right Hand of Anime (I buy a lot of Anime DVD’s so I have mostly been blogging reviews on releases. I also have written a couple of editorials with a lot more on the way!)

Yahari Bento! (In depth analysis on Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru.)

this blog fills you with determination (Anime / Gaming focused blog. I write reviews, opinion posts and others. I try to keep things lighthearted and I tend to cover topics that are trending or recent!)

AnimeState (Watching anime online with legal streaming along with reviews. Contains reviews and various information about different anime.)

Insert Cloud Imagery (Some guy writes reviews and analyses of anime, manga, and visual novels. Join him, stupid but lovable best friend, basic love interest, and other hollow archetypes on the writing adventure of a lifetime.)

All About Anime (I blog about anything to do with anime and manga, from reviews, character breakdowns, the voice artists and random science, to top 10’s and so much more.)

The Cinemoptimist (I make anime analysis posts that sometimes stray into more broad storytelling concepts.)